Sunday, March 27, 2011

Theme and Goals for April

Test knitting

1. Ruins fingerless gloves by pixelated mushroom.

2. Rotation by Fallmasche

No pictures for you until I'm sure it's ok to post some.

My goals for this month.
1. Finish the spud and chloe hoodie KAL project. (In the Project bag)

2. Finish Rhubarb and Custard by army of knitters. A UFO that needs to be done ( in the project bag)

3. Finish the holden shawl So I can say I knit down some sock yarn stash.

4. Pick a baby blanket pattern for Melissa's new baby boy due in July.

5. Finish the test knits, OBVIOUSLY

6. Empty the project bag.

Organizing project for the other room , I would like to put all the yarn and projects in bags with the pattern and any tools or materials needed with them. Make sure everything is logged on Ravelry and then number then in a finishing order. Post on her as well.

Last try not to fall in love with any new projects before I finish at least 4 UFO's.

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