Monday, March 7, 2011

a very sporatic blogger

Im not a very good blogger. Im blaming my new loom, It"s so much fun to weave. I got a 20 inch flip rigid heele loom and I love it. I have been pulling out old stash and weaving away. Life in generally is super stressfull right now and weaving is very calm and mediatative. I think part of it is that I'm so new at it that Im just playing with no exspectations.
In knitting news, I started a small shawl. It's my first shawl ever. Mostly Im trying to use up some sock yarn stash and there was a KAL on the cold sheeping forum so I jumped in.
I finished a hat for Raven at work. She's leaving to move home. She wanted the kitty hat from Stitch and Bitch so I did that. I also finished the dead fish hat for Gin from Knitty. That was an adventure. I changed the pattern to make it look like a pokemon charachter.

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