Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new books

I love it when the mail man delivers books that I had preordered. Preordering is great because you forget that you ordered the books and then its a little surprise when they arrive. Its also a risk. I preorder books that are not yet released and so there is no way to look in them and make sure the book is worth buying.I don't do it very often and I'm pretty careful and usually only buy books from designers that I am familiar with and already like. Sometimes, like in the case of my last surprise shipment I regret my purchase. I bought Knitting wrapsody because I was totally in love with the cover sweater. Turns out that's the only thing I like in the whole book.

Today I received Knits that Fit and Loop D Loop Lace by Teva Durham. Loop D Loop I bought because I own the other two books in the collection and I find them to be pretty and fun to look at.I'm a big fan of Teva.

This book has 30 patterns and although a lot of them are a little too over the top for me I did find some that I would consider making. I like the shrug on the cover the " milanese shower bolero".
I would probably avoid the lacy edging. I made a top that has that same technique and I find it difficult to wear comfortably. The sweater that I'm most interested in from the book is the tiger and snail folkloric blouse. It has a gathered neck and some nice lace work. It might have to do with the red color. I have a thing for red sweaters it would seem.

I also like these two sweaters Maybe. The tunic with the lace on the yoke and sleeves looks nice I would probably shorten it to be more of a top and less of a dress.
Then there is the sweater with the a symmetrical closure I'm not sure if I love it or hate it. I would even up the bottom some how. There is also something strange going on at the shoulder sleeve area.

You can check all these and the rest of the book at Ravelry.

This book, Knits that fit looks very promising. Normally, I hate it when a book has pre published patterns in it. ESPECIALLY when I already own those patterns in another book.
When I first flipped the book open I saw the seashell shrug. Its a pattern that I have looked at many times in my copy of runway knits. Immediately I was disappointing. Then I started looking through the book more carefully and although there are several more patterns that I own in other books there are also many I do not. I haven't taken the time to read it yet but the very beginning has information on picking a size and shape for your own body. How to wear each style so that its flattering and how to layer pieces. Then the chapters are organized by the type of sweater, cardigans, pullovers etc.
I love the cover sweater. I would totally make this. Its a long tunic or short dress so I would need to shorten it. This just might be my next project.

Then there is the Darcy cardigan. I'm pretty sure this one has been on ravelry for awhile. I really like this sweater. I would love to make it in yellow but I'm pretty sure I can't wear yellow.

the third one that I will add to my long list of must make projects is the Aubrey Pullover by Mary weaver. Again it might just be that fantastic red color. Its a simple fitted top would a cute little button treatment. I would love to have a sweater for work with these sleeves. This would be the perfect length for me to work in. The yarn is a dk cotton linen. Its made in the round so it would be quick and easy.

If only I could knit faster!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Im sorry I can't clean the house today I need to knit bunny slippers.

Are these not the cutest things ever. You can find then on ravelry here
Does this make me a total nerd? I'm pretty sure I don't care. Ive never had bunny slippers. Even as a kid I didn't have any crazy, silly, or cute slippers. I never really wanted any.
Today, though, when I saw this pattern I decided I needed some.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April is full of inspiration

So my goal was to not start any new projects in April. Do you know what happens in April? what was I thinking. April is the beginning of spring. The beginning of spring is when all the spring and summer knitting patterns come out. April 1st the new issue of Twist collective went live. Right after that Knitty had thier spring issue up. Then just when I thought I was going to be able to hold off the temptation Knitscene came out. I love knitscene. I really love this issue of knitscene. Every year I imagine a basket full of light summer knits. Maybe a few tanks, a cropped cardigan a nice light weight full cardigan in a cotton/ wool blend. I cute tee with cap sleeves. Something in hemp or linen. Ahhh wouldn't that be great. Really, you would think I would be all over the tank/sleeveless top knitting. I'm not good at finishing sleeves. Sleeves are boring. Maybe I'll ignore all my ufo's and jump in the stash and start casting on summer projects like a crazy women. Or I could be a responsible knitter and finish what Ive started before casting on for something new.