Monday, October 12, 2009

A picture

So here is what the lotrop looks like before you sew it together. I still have the handle on the needles, I want to make sure it is long enough before I bind off. The pattern calls for 11 1/2 inches. That seems short to me. Oh and while your here, check out how clean my desk is.

What's new

On the needles, The lotrop bag is done (knittingwise). My goal is to pull out some fabric and interfacing today. If I can get it lined then I can work on sewing it up this week. I really like the yarn. It's Colorscapes by ROWAN.
The reverse me sweater by Noroah Gaughn, I have the back done and one front is about an inch from completion. I am using the vinatge from Berroco, I like this yarn , but I don't love it. It's washable, which will be great for work but it's not as luxurious as some yarns. BUT, It's also super cost friendly.

The sipala bag has been put back into hibernation, I just don't have the quiet time to work on that right now. This week I only have one day off and a million things to do, that's how my weeks are looking.

I did just find the perfect ( or I think) the perfect pattern to make Erica at work a new hat. She will be happy, and it should be fast. It's called the Chunky Oats cap, from Knits from the land of Wawa. I hope to get yarn for it today. She has been asking for a hat for awhile.

There are lots of fantastic new knitting and crochet books out this season. I'm trying really hard to focus on what's on the needles but the temptation to start something new is huge.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Project picts

I was suprised to see my yarn came today, I had started the lotrop bag. It's a Noro pattern I forget which book it's in but I know it's also in the new Noro book that just came out. I had copied it down some time ago and never made it. Anyway I'm using the colorscape yarn from Rowan and I didn't read the pattern carefully before starting so I ran out of yarn pretty quickly.
I love this yarn, it's very "Norolike" . The colors won't apeal to many people but I love them.
I hope to start working on this again this week.

This is Reverse me from Norah Gaughan. It's in the new reversible knitting book, my new favorite book. I'm using vintage by Berroco. It's a quick knit at the moment but it has 7 pieces so it may slow down here soon.

I also have an urge to start some socks but I'm trying to hold back untill I actually finish something. The new cat bordhi book it fantastic though!!
Almost forgot the back of the Sipala bag is done and I started the top section. I should have taken a picture of that because it's to die for.