Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not everyone can walk around with a fish on thier head.

My daughter Ginna was talking about how cool it would be to have a Pokemon hat. A particular pokemon who is a fish. I had downloaded the dead fish hat from knitty way back when it came out, so of course, I was proud to announce " I can Do that" After hunting up the pokemon card for that character and coming up with a sketch She gave me her instructions and I set off knitting this hat. I added whiskers and inserted pipe cleaners in them to help them stay up. I knit the eyes instead of using felt. I also made the fins a bit different. The white is some of my cherished glow in the dark yarn. The supply is getting smaller.

Not nearly as exciting as the hat, I also finished the greenfield cardigan. It's from the new England knits book. It came out way too big. Not sure if I will try to felt it or just go with it. This is # 5 for IntSweMoDo2011.

I really need to design my own garder yoke cardigan because they all seem to have a neck that is way to wide for my small frame. I also want long skinny sleeves.

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