Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 goals

Heather raglan too big, needs another sleeve (might fit Gin)

Kerrera needs some seaming and pockets
Malabrigo yum

Traveling sweater on size 3's

Harmony by Kim Dolce

Goodale in pashmina

delancy Cardigan needs sleeves and collar

Hallets Ledge

Greenfield cardigan

The Xylem Cardigan

Can't remember what this one

The dude sweater atempt #2

Hooray cardigan

Aidez almost done and a current work in progress

Winter sostice also current

Missing pictures for:

The heather hoodie vest ( dont even know where that project is)

The tree jacket pullover I keept in the trunk of my car for emergency knitting then forgot all about it.
So why all the pictures?
I went through my projects page on ravelry and YIKES!! I have never had so many unfinished projects before. Big ones too. So 2011 seriously needs to be about finishing what I have started.
I have what 16 sweaters in progress, and the really sad thing is that none of these pictures are current and many of these sweaters are a back, or a sleeve, or less away from being done.
There are a few here that are going to be way to big for me and thats part of why I havent finished them. Now that I run I am much much smaller then I was before, but I'm thinking my daughter might be able to wear some of them.
So either I finish them or frog them in 2011.
Lets see what the sock situation is. I joined the sock stash knit down for 2011 to use up some sock yarn in 2011. I'm going to finish some socks that are also in various stages of not doneness.