Thursday, September 24, 2009

currently on the needles

The sipala bag kit from knit picks has been pulled out of it's UFO bag and is being revisited. I am on row 10 of the back. I love this project, I don't know why I didn't finish it before.

The endless crochet cardi by stitch diva is trying to become more then a strip.

Veil by berroco is still not done. I have the top done and am working on the bottom piece. I'm sorry but it's boring. I'm using linen which I love and the pattern is pretty but...I'm bored. It needs to be movie knitting.

The endless knitted card by stitch Diva isn't really being worked on it's just sitting.

I'm back

well, I used to have a blog called stephaniesews. Then one day, Blogger decided not to let me access my blog anymore, or leave comments on anyone elses, so I started this one.
So if your looking for Stephaniesews from Ravelry I'm here.