Wednesday, January 12, 2011

first sweater done for IntSweMoDo2011

Here it as a finished sweater for 2011. I started this one on Jan 3rd of 2011 and finished it around the 8th I think. Super fast knit on size 15 needles. Its in puffin which I was really happy with. It's a one ply yarn but it's pretty sturdy. The pattern is very simple and takes no effort to knit up. I wanted to start a new project before I went in to the ufo finishing frenzy.
I then went to work on my Aidez cardigan and finished all the knitting for that today. I just have to block it and assemble it. I think that will be a good weekend project. Hopefully it will be warmer and dry this weekend.
I havent done any sock knitting for the 12 socks in 2011 challenge.
I haven't bought any yarn so I'm still clean in the cold sheep challenge.
I have knit up 11 balls of yarn so far for the 100 balls of yarn knit in 2011.
Seems like to many things to keep track of.