Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Garter Yoke Cardigan practically done

I do believe that if I had spent time knitting everyday, and had not swatched for two other sweaters and cast on for a pair of socks, I would have finished the Garter Yoke Cardigan in about a week. Crazy isn't it. It's that fast and easy. I am working on the 2nd sleeve today. I went and bought buttons for it today. I even have the ends woven in.

So next for 2010. I cast on for a pair of spud and Chloe socks. They make good traveling knitting. They also work well for stress knitting.

I also swatched for a couple of sweaters but haven't completly picked my sweater for Ravelympics.

Ginna would like for me to focus my attention on her sweater. I'm not as excited about this as she is though. I did wind the yarn today. That was a big project in itself. Cascade eco wool. I had to divide the hank up to get it to fit on my winding tools. It feels like a lot of yarn.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

feeling guilty

I'm loving, working on the Garter Yoke cardigan. It's going very quickly. I am now on the increases for the hips. The sleeves will slow me down, Sleeves always slow me down. They are like socks.
The problem is that as I spend all this time working on my wonderful Garter Yoke Cardigan I can see my previous favorite project sadly sticking out of my knitting bag. It's the Kerrara sweater from the newest Twist collective. I am using Malibrigo in the stonechat color way. I love how soft it is and the body knit up quickly. Then I started the sleeves. I'm still on the sleeves. I need to finish it but I don't feel like working on the sleeves. I'm sure I will love it when it's done. It's a great pattern, super easy to follow.
So, for now I'm ignoring it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Garter Yoke Cardigan and picking a project for the 2010 Ravelympics

I saw this on Ravelry the other day. It is a Blue sky alpaca pattern.
Here is the current picture of the Garter Yoke Cardigan. Cascade 220.
I was able to seperate the the sleeves from the body and start the plain o plain stockinette stitch body. I don't plan to have much knitting time today. I have a long list of "day off " chores to get done today. It would be great if I managed to get to the waist decreases though.

So Ravelympics is in Feb and I am thinking ahead, and planning a project to work on during that time. I should do socks. Socks are resonable and they travel well and they are small. So why are all these sweater patterns sitting here instaed of sock patterns?

Some ideas: Spoke or Quadrant from the new knitty
Vaila from Twist
Kelmscott from twist
Villane BY suvi found on Ravelry
luminen from twist shortened and without the snowflakes
or the above pattern if I can find it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan 2010 already?

Last year flew by. I wasn't very productive and I blame the internet for that.( and my full time job) I spent far too much time on Ravelry, Facebook and reading peoples Blogs. I spent hours and hours hunting down the perfect projects and adding them to my" must knit" list. Unfortunately, I spent far less time actually knitting last year. So I added things much faster then I crossed them off.
I could of course make big plans to knit ....15 sweaters and 10 pairs of socks....or any other number of each this year. But I'm not going to. I am simply going to say that this year I would like to spend more time being productive and completing things and less time wasted on facebook and such.

So to start out the new year, on Jan 1st I started a new sweater. Yes, I know I should have worked on finishing something already started but it is my tradition to start a new project on Jan1st.
This year My project is the garter Yoke Cardigan which funny enough, I added to my Ravelry que last January.
Specifics: Garter Yoke Cardigan, Knit 1 winter 2008
Cascade 220 in a plum, aubergene color
I am getting a gauge of 20 sts to the inch on 8s so I am making a size 38 with the idea that it will be close to a size 35-36 when done.
I started on Jan 1st and did most of the yoke, Jan 2nd I started shapping the raglan. Today is the 3rd and I hope to seperate the sleeves from the body.

I also recieved my yarn from webs. I ordered classic elite waterlily to make Spoke ( new knitty) but I'm having 2nd thoughts. I get the same gauge that the ball bands lists but the pattern has a different gauge and I would have to go up a needle size. I don't like the way the fabric looks in that larger needle size. So even though this is the called for yarn I don't think I will use it for that.