Tuesday, May 31, 2011

may is gone already?

I didn't finish any projects this month. I did do tons of knitting but I spent it on so many different things I didn't finish anything. I have also been focusing on cataloging and organizing all the stash and ufo projects. Some yarn went in the give away bag, not much but some. I also made a pile of yarn that I should give away but for some reason I can't part with it. I'm giving it one last chance to become something before the end of the year and then it has to go.
I took pictures of everything and I hope to make my own excel spreadsheet to really get organized.
Id like to have some stash but not as much as I have. I love being able to go to the stash late at knit and knit up a hat or something without having to run off to the lys. However, I do not like losing things or forgetting about things and I want it all in one place.
So my goal for June is to organize the pictures I took and get it all entered on rav and in a spreadsheet.
I also need to steek my sweater that is waiting to be steeked. I might be avoiding it.
Yea, pretty sure I'm avoiding it.
I think I'll have a birthday in June too. I want to knit myself a swirl sweater from the book in my last post. Wouldn't that be a great birthday present.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

finished projects from april and new stuff for May.

Last post I talked about two new books that I had just received. This one came the next day. It's called knit swirl and has a forward by the great Cat Bordhi and a review by Clara Parkes, Jared Flood and Cookie A. Those are some serious big names. It was written by Sandra McIver. Its a large hardbound book. It has 208 beutifully photographed pages. It's really only one style of garment with several variations done to it. The book is just so pretty and everything looks so cozy it's really hard not to love this book. Normally I would say it's not worth it to buy a book with such a limited focus because really how many of the same garment are you going to want to make and this is a big projects. BUT, I am really enjoying looking through this book. Here are two pictures from the book, the top one in yellow uses two different weights of yarn to get a really nice drapey look and the 2nd uses noro to get a great color palate. From the pictures you can also get an idea of what the book is about. This book isn't for everyone but if you see it take a peek through. I'm enjoying it.

SO< what's on the needles for May. We could finish some UFO's or PHD's but instead how about starting something new. The green is A Very Plucky Cardigan by Kate Hiester. I'm using dream in color classy in the happy forest colorway. What a fun yarn. It's not particularly soft but it has a springyness to it and I love the color. The pattern is very easy and well written.

Then we have the sally cardigan from craft magazine. What a fun pattern. I didn't really love it when I first saw it but then I saw someone was making it in blue and white so I went and checked out the pattern. It was how great the instructions were written and how much information that could be found on the site that really inspired me to make it. This will be my first Steek YIKES!! Once I started knitting itI couldn't put it down it's so much fun to do the honeycomb pattern.
There were finished projects in April. I finished the test knit Rotation. I used drops merino and I do not like this yarn. It grew like mad while blocking it snagged when I wore it. Not a fan. The pattern is nice. I'd like it better if I had not done the stripes on the body.

I also finiahed make up your mind from the new issue of knitty. Very fun pattern. This one I would make again. Yes, thats me in the picture. First time I have taken a picture with me wearing the knits instead of my daughter. Kinda strange to see yourself.

I would like to make this again but try it in a stockinetts stitch or maybe a pattern on the bottom and plain top? It was a little bit hard to stay in pattern with all the decreases on the razor back. But over all it was a lot of fun to make and I enjoyed wearing it after a long run.