Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's almost 2011 and the new Twist

My favorites from the new Twist collective. I bought the pattern for the green one. It is called Roheline and it's by one of my favorite designers Suvi Simola. I will be using tosh Dk in a wicked turquiose color. Then I bought Klimova ( the purple pullover) I love the cabled on the sleeves. That one is a Alison Green Will pattern. I was going to use malabrigo rios but it's all wrong for the cables, so I'm going to see if I have some worsted malabrrigo.
The other two are patterns that I thought were really pretty, especially the grey cardigan but it's done on very small needles so I'm going to watch and see if anyone modifies it for more of a light worsted yarn.

The pattern on the end I posted as a reminder that last season it was my favorite and I actually bought it and cast on the same day. It is one of the many Ufo's floating around.

Where did the year go? I completely gave up on blogging. It was too much work to keep up with Ravelry, twitter, facebook and keep a blog. As the year went by I became less and less active on each one. Who has time to work full time, clean the house, keep up on the web and still knit ? Not me. BUT, I did find that blogging was a good way to keep a diary of the projects I really wanted to work on or the inspiration for a project. Lately, because I dont' have the time to finish anything I have been forgetting what I have actually started. Not good. I'm afriad to count up the UFO's that are pilling up here and there.

I also started running this year, I ran a half marathon this month. It helps me to deal with the stress of life. Now that it's dark before I get home from work, and I'm afraid to go run alone in the dark I don't have that outlet for the stress. So I am going to try and knit more. I should focus on finisheing up some projects.

Right now I have Aidez by Cirillia Rose n the needles. It's a Berrocco pattern. I have the sleeves done and the right front. It's super easy to memorize the cable pattern so I can work on it anywhere.
I also have the habitat hat by jared flood on the needles. Not super easy to memorize and very slow to knit. I'm using his shelter yarn though and its very pretty.

A hat for Erica, its folliage from knitty in malabrigo and I should try to finish that today and get it out of the pile.

Then yesterday I started the Hooray cardigan by Vera Valimaki because I have this purple grey malabrigo rios that I wanted to use for Klimova from the new twist but the gauge was too light. So it was a good excuse to start this new cardigan by Vera, I love her patterns.

Also in the bag is a half done handwarmer for Holly.
This is just the list of projects in my current project bag. I'd better get back to knitting.

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