Tuesday, May 31, 2011

may is gone already?

I didn't finish any projects this month. I did do tons of knitting but I spent it on so many different things I didn't finish anything. I have also been focusing on cataloging and organizing all the stash and ufo projects. Some yarn went in the give away bag, not much but some. I also made a pile of yarn that I should give away but for some reason I can't part with it. I'm giving it one last chance to become something before the end of the year and then it has to go.
I took pictures of everything and I hope to make my own excel spreadsheet to really get organized.
Id like to have some stash but not as much as I have. I love being able to go to the stash late at knit and knit up a hat or something without having to run off to the lys. However, I do not like losing things or forgetting about things and I want it all in one place.
So my goal for June is to organize the pictures I took and get it all entered on rav and in a spreadsheet.
I also need to steek my sweater that is waiting to be steeked. I might be avoiding it.
Yea, pretty sure I'm avoiding it.
I think I'll have a birthday in June too. I want to knit myself a swirl sweater from the book in my last post. Wouldn't that be a great birthday present.

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